About Occupy Canberra

On September 17, only weeks ago, people from all across the United States and elsewhere in the world came to protest the blatant injustices perpetuated by the 1% (economic and political elite) whose actions affect all of us, the 99%. They spoke out, resisted and successfully occupied Wall Street, New York, along with more than 50 other cities in the United States.

Today they proudly remain engaged in non-violent civil disobedience while building solidarity based on mutual respect, acceptance and love. They are the 99% and they have assumed full responsibility for the future of our society, our culture, and most importantly, our own lives.

Why Occupy Canberra?

We face the same problems with our democracy here in Canberra and Australia as people face in most other developed nations. It is unwell. It’s not functioning how it’s supposed to be functioning. Our elected representatives no longer represent their constituents, instead their ears are turned by wealthy lobby groups, whilst the common interests of the people they were elected to represent, are ignored. Some levels of our government are also rife with corruption.

It’s time our elected representatives actually started representing the 99% of the population whodon’t have enormous wealth and political influence. Who suffer the social, economic and environmental consequences of corporate greed. Who work to generate enormous wealth for a mere 1% of the population.

Inspired by the actions of those striving for democracy in North Africa and the Middle East, and similar demonstrations throughout Europe and more recently, in the United States. From these events, “Occupy Together”, a global social movement for real democracy, has grown. It is from this global movement that Occupy Canberra has grown. Our occupation will commence at City Square on October 15.

How will it work?

(more information to be disclosed shortly)

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